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镇流器参考设计IRPLHID2采用IRS2573D器件,输入电压185V-265V,可驱动1 x 70W HID灯,具有高功率因素/低总谐波失真,可控制起辉,低频方波工作,灯电流和功率可控制,开路和无灯保护.而IRS2573D是全集成全保护的600V HID控制器,能驱动所有类型的HID灯,内部电路提供了起辉,加热,运行和故障保护模式.本文介绍了IRS2573D主要特性,框图,应用框图以及采用IRS2573D的70W HID灯镇流器IRPLHID2参考设计主要指标,参考设计框图和电路图,以及材料清单和PCB布局图.The IRS2573D is a fully-integrated, fully-protected 600V HID control IC designed to drive all types of HID lamps. Internal circuitry provides control for ignition, warm-up, running and fault operating modes. The IRS2573D features include ignition timing control, constant lamp power control, programmable full-bridge running frequency, programmable over and under-voltage protection and programmable over-current protection. Advanced protection features such as failure of a lamp to ignite, open load, short-circuit and a programmable fault counterhave also been included in the S2573D主要特性:? Buck, full-bridge and lamp control in one IC? Continuous/critical-conduction mode buck control? 600V high and low-side full-bridge driver? 600V high-side buck Driver? Low-side ignition FET gate driver? Integrated bootstrap FETs for full-bridge high-side drivers? Constant lamp power control? Programmable buck cycle-by-cycle over-current protection? Programmable buck output voltage limitation? Programmable lamp current limitation? Programmable full-bridge frequency? Fault latch reset input? Programmable ignition counter (21sec/64sec typical)? Programmable lamp under-voltage fault counter (197sec typical) for short-circuit or lamp does not warm-up? Fast transient lamp under-voltage event counter (16384 typical) for arc instability or end-of-life? Programmable lamp over-voltage fault counter (787sec typical) for open-circuit or lamp extinguishes? Programmable good fault reset counter (2730sec typical)? Micro-controller compatible timing thresholds? Internal 15.6V zener clamp diode on VCC? Micropower startup (150μA)? Latch immunity and ESD protection on all pins图S2573D方框图图S2573D应用框图采用IRS2573D的70W HID灯镇流器IRPLHID2参考设计The IRPLHID2 reference design kit consists of a complete ballast solution for a 70W HID lamp. The design contains an EMI filter, low voltage power supply, active power factor correction and a ballast control circuit using the IRS2573D. This demo board is intended to help with the evaluation of the IRS2573D HID ballast control IC, demonstrate PCB layout techniques and serve as an aid in the development of production ballasts using the PLHID2参考设计主要特性:? Drives 1 x 70W HID lamp? Input voltage range: 185-265 VAC? High Power Factor / Low Total Harmonic Distortion? Controlled ignition? Low frequency square wave operation? Lamp power and current control? Open circuit and no-lamp protection? Short circuit and lamp failure to warm-up protection? Lamp end-of-life shutdown? IRS2573DSPbF HID Ballast Control IC图PLHID2参考设计外形图图PLHID2参考设计框图IRPLHID2参考设计主要指标:图PLHID2参考设计电路图(1)图PLHID2参考设计电路图(2)IRPLHID2参考设计材料清单(BOM):图PLHID2参考设计PCB元件布局图(顶层)图PLHID2参考设计PCB布局图(顶层)图PLHID2参考设计PCB元件布局图(底层)图PLHID2参考设计PCB布局图(底层)详情请见:和